SlimTik-Weight Loss-Shape Your Body

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Reduces Hunger

SlimTik contains herbs like Gudmar that reduces appetite. It causes you to eat fewer sweet foods hence you take less calories.

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Improves Metabolism

SlimTik improves your metabolism and reduces fat absorption. It helps burn calories faster and lower your cholesterol.

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Enhances Immunity

SlimTik is the best weight loss herbal formula. Antioxidants in it, fight with cell damaging free-radicals & enhance immunity.

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Makes You Slim

Slimtik contains natural laxative that relieves constipation. It helps your body lose weight in the long-term.

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SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
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Reduces Cravings

It has a rich source of fiber. You stay fuller for a long time. It prevents you from cravings and overeating. Due to this, you consume lesser calorie & it results in weight loss.

Manages Your Weight

SlimTik is a natural appetite controller. It is an effective formula for gradual weight loss with globally proven. It is a herbal supplement for managing weight and natural fat burn.

Better Social Life

Fitness is really about looking good. A shaped body has the social benefits. You look smart and attractive. You look cool and praised by your peers.

Weight Loss Naturally

SlimTik contains the power of herbs ensuring that you not only lose weight but also easily get the nutrients. It works on your body fat and makes you look younger.

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SlimTik-Weight Loss-Shape Your Body

How SlimTik Works

If you are one of those who want to reduce weight in a herbal way. SlimTik is just for you. Since exercising is no easy task for everyone. Many people prefer to go for herbal. SlimTik contains the herbs that are known to be effective in helping you lose weight.

It is recommended to the people who struggle to lose weight. It helps in burning belly fat, boosts the rate of metabolism and even helps in controlling your hunger to prevent you from overeating. It does not contain any artificial colours or harmful chemicals making it a healthy choice to go for.

It is full of good antioxidants that will make your body stronger and healthier. You can trust if you are looking for herbal weight loss medicine.


SlimTik's Features

Balanced nutrition

SlimTik has a higher protein & soluble fiber that helps you lose more weight.

Lean Body

SlimTik enhances the hormone in the human body that is responsible for losing weight.

Boost Immunity

SlimTik boosts the immunity system. Use it and make yourself healthy and strong.

SlimTik-Weight Loss-Shape Your Body
No Added Sugar

SlimTik has no sugar. It helps you consume fewer calories and helps you lose weight.

Natural Weight Control

It is safe & non-addictive. You can surely stop taking it, once reaching weight loss goal.

Stress Release

SlimTik contains herbs that are effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

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Be Slim With SlimTik

  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
  • SlimTik-Weight Loss-shape your body
SlimTik—Shape your body
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Being overweight is a sign of obesity. The number of calories a person receives in the form of food, if his body is not able to spend that number of calories. So in such a situation extra calories start accumulating in that person's body. These extra calories take the form of obesity. The person starts gaining weight. When weight starts increasing, then the dream of a person to remain slim remains incomplete. SlimTik has the power of pure herbs which ensures that your body gets nutrients along with reducing weight. It works on the accumulated fat in your body and helps you to look beautiful and youthful.

SlimTik Process

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Weight Management

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Reduces Appetite

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Burns Belly Fat

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Healthy Weight Reduction


Ingredients Facts

Ingredients Name
Per Serving 15 (g)

Fenugreek helps weight loss by suppressing appetite and decreasing calorie intake. It controls cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and relieves heartburn and inflammation. It increases strength in the body.

Green tea is the best weight loss stimulator. It contains caffeine that aids fat burning. It enhances your metabolism and makes your body able to burn calories. Antioxidants in it, fight with cell-damaging free radicals & boost immunity.

Punarnava is also one of the most effective ayurvedic herbs used for weight loss. It has diuretic properties, which keep the kidney and bladder well. It is also known to cure the problem of water retention.

Gudmar blocks sweet receptors on your taste buds. It causes you to eat fewer sweet foods and consume fewer calories. A consistent low-calorie intake results in weight loss. It also lowers blood sugar levels.

Nagarmotha root helps the body lose weight faster. It has fiber and anti-obesity properties. It suppresses hunger and prevents overeating. Nagarmotha helps you to achieve weight loss goals, improve metabolism and maintain proper shape.

Saunth (ginger) powder improves your metabolism, reduces fat absorption, increases bowel movements. It suppresses your appetite and helps fight belly fat. It also aids lower your cholesterol. You can burn calories using saunth.

Triphala is a mixture powder of three dried fruits – amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. The herbal mixture helps weight loss by improving your digestion and flushing out toxins. It improves overall health.

Senna Leaves is a natural laxative. It promotes weight loss. It relieves constipation, improves digestive system functions. Senna leaves tea promotes detoxification. It helps your body lose weight that lasts long.

Dalchini (cinnamon) is flavourful and loaded with health benefits. It is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps you achieve your weight loss goal. It has a number of medicinal properties and fighting belly fat.

Saunf (fennel) is a rich source of fiber that helps you stay fuller for a long time. It prevents you from cravings and overeating. Due to this, you consume lesser calorie and it results in weight loss.

Jeera (cumin) is commonly found in every Indian kitchen. It detoxifies your body. It removes all the toxins from it. Jeera increases metabolism, helps you in getting rid of excessive fat from your body.

Kali Mirch (black pepper) is the king of spices. It is basically used in seasoning the food in Indian houses. Kali Mirch is loaded with nutrients. It is a wonderful spice to lose weight. It helps you burn belly fat fast.

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